Our Response to COVID-19

Little Genius and COVID 19 

In order to address the health needs of our children, families and staff in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, we at LGCFL are following the guidelines of the CDC, the DOH and all OCFS regulations. We are taking care to maintain a healthy environment for children, families, and staff. We have enhanced all or our health protocols and ask that you adhere to them for the safety of your children, yourselves and our daycare staff.  

Protective Masks: Face coverings are required for all adults in the building (we provide them to all staff members and any other adult who enters the building if necessary).  They are also required for any adult coming to drop off or pick up a child.  Please wear them when coming to the door to drop off or pick up your child.  Children over the age of 3 are able to wear a mask as well.  If you would like your child to wear a mask during school, please let us know and send at least 2 clean masks.             


COVID Screening: We are screening everyone (staff, children, parents, visitors, etc.) upon arrival. No one will enter the building without having their temperature taken.  Anyone who’s temperature registers above 100 degrees will not be admitted.  In addition, anyone entering the center must be able to answer “NO” to the following questions: 

  1. Have you, your child, or anyone in your household traveled outside of New York State to anywhere that is not a contiguous state or to a CDC Level 2 or 3 Travel Health Notice country?

  2. Has your child experienced any COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days? (Fever over 100 degrees, cough, new loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath)

  3. Have you, your child or anyone in your household had close or proximate contact with a confirmed or suspected  COVID-19 case in the past 14 days? 

  4. Have you, your child or anyone in your household tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days? 

  5. Have you, your child or anyone in your household been in contact with anyone visiting from a non-contiguous state or CDC Level 2 or 3 Travel Health Notice country?

When you sign your child in every day, these are the questions you are responding NO to.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE ANSWERING THEM HONESTLY.                       


Sanitizing and Hand Washing All children and adults must wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the building.  Hand washing and sanitizing also takes place at frequent intervals throughout the day.  We have increased the number of times surfaces and materials are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day as well.  Surfaces and toys are cleaned with a diluted bleach solution, required by OCFS in order to eliminate COVID 19 germs as well as many others.                                                                  

Limited Classroom and Center Access: To curb the spread we are having parents and family members remain outside the  center with the exception of infant parents and professionals providing services. Center tours will be scheduled at the discretion of the director.  Any person coming for a tour will be screened and must wear a mask.                                    

Wellness Checks: Regular wellness checks are conducted daily upon arrival and throughout the day.  If a child develops symptoms of COVID-19 during the day, the child will be removed from the classroom and will stay in a separate area until a family member is able to pick him or her up.  All areas that the child was in will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly.                  

COVID Exposure We are requiring that children and staff stay home from school for 14 days following the last potential exposure, if any member of the household has (or may have) a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.  If the staff member, family member or child receives a negative COVID-19 test result, s/he may return to school/work.                                                                             

COVID Testing and Doctor Visits Overall, the best way to ensure staff and children have limited exposure to germs is by keeping children at home when they are ill and/or contagious. We ask that you please watch your child closely and contact your child’s physician if your child appears to be feeling under the weather.  If your child displays any of the following symptoms, you must consult your child’s doctor.   


    A fever of above 100           Chills                   Nausea and vomiting              Cough         Loss of taste and/or smell                                                                A headache that will not go away


Please check with your child’s physician to determine if your child needs a COVID test.  If the doctor determines your child does not require a COVID test please ask for a note explaining that for our records.

Travel Restrictions NYS has new regulations with respect to travel. LGCFL expects all families to abide by these restrictions and to follow appropriate mandated quarantine procedures following any travel to a non-contiguous state, or CDC Level 2 or 3 Travel Health Notice country.  As families are traveling for the holidays or planning trips, it is important to note the following: 

  • All travelers entering New York from a state that is not a contiguous state, or from a CDC Level 2 or 3 Travel Health Notice country, shall quarantine for a period of 14 days, consistent with Department of Health regulations for quarantine, unless: 

    • For travelers who traveled outside of New York for more than 24 hours, such travelers must obtain testing within 72 hours prior to arrival in New York, AND 

    • Such travelers must, upon arrival in New York, quarantine according to Department of Health guidelines, for a minimum of three days, measured from time of arrival, and on day 4 may seek a diagnostic test to exit quarantine. For travelers that meet the criteria above, the traveler may exit quarantine upon receipt of the second negative test result. 

  • Contiguous states are Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont. Travelers from these states are not subject to this guidance.

  • Please also note that if a parent or guardian travels without the children, the children are not excluded from care when the parent/guardian returns, provided that the parent/guardian is quarantining from the children as well.  The returning traveler(s) must quarantine from everyone until a negative COVID test is received following the 72 hour waiting period.  This decision is based on the quarantine guidelines of NYS as well as guidance from the Depart of Health.  


This time of COVID-19 has been unprecedented and difficult to navigate.  Although we will be conducting our daily screenings, we are relying on your honesty and responsibility in order to keep your children, your family and our staff healthy and safe.  Please communicate with us if you, your child, or anyone in your household is sick so that we may help determine the best and safest course of action.  Please also adhere to the guidelines outlined by NYS with respect to travel, social gatherings, masks, etc.  If we all work together we can maintain a healthy environment for learning at LGCL!